Dr. I. Parathasarathi
Principal, EThames Degree College
Ph.D, MBA, M.Com, B.Com
EXPERIENCE: 40 years in Teaching and 16 years as Principal
Dr. I.Parathasarathi is eminent for his affable and amiable aura in the educational fraternity. He is a self-motivated, goal seeker who has a ‘Never say die attitude ‘in achieving any herculean task for the academic benefit of the institution.
He was awarded Ph.D by Andhra University in the year 1988.He continuously believes in upgrading himself with latest knowledge connected with commerce .He has served as a Principal of an aided college of A.P for over sixteen years. He was awarded as a ‘Meritorious Teacher Award’ from the Govt. of A.P. He has guided many research scholars, presented many Post-Doctoral Research Projects .He has published eleven Papers and attended thirteen symposia so far which are nationally acclaimed.
Along with his vast experience of being a dynamic administrator, he also has great interest in mentoring, counseling and educating the undergrads. His enduring academic passion lies in Banking, Auditing, Law and Business Communication.

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