Capowyl, the fest of leaders

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Capowyl, the fest of leaders’ was celebrated at EThames Degree College,. EThames has always been open for innovative ideas of young minds present in its very peripheral. All events taking place at EThames, have a uniqueness in themselves. Capowyl has continued the legacy of ‘learning by doing’. This fest was organized and flourished by BBA first year students.

Innovation, team spirit, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, name any of leadership skills to visualize Capowyl. To explore the bloom of Capowyl, Mr. Ram Jaladurgam, general manager and head of learning and development at Hetero, inspired the young minds with his cutting edge depiction of present business scenario, in the light of psychology. Ms. Rosy Khurana, senior manager at Mitsui OSK Lines, gave an insight into organizational behaviour.
The day was celebrated with many activities, viz. ‘My Dream Company’, ‘Karyaneethi’, ‘Dabanngg’ ‘Face-off’. At the end of the day, the winners of all the activities were awarded certificates and prizes for their wonderful performance.

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