Induction Program-2017

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The Victory of success is half done, when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals. Everyone has a ‘desire to win’, but out of all odds, we at EThames, concoct in our students ‘the desire to prepare’.
EThames has been a premier corporate collegiate in the Twin-Cities. We are a hub of innovations and discoveries, where individuals learn from and collaborate with peers, experts and business leaders. We unite opportunities, people and cultures and develop collective knowledge to define the future of business.
We are committed to Creating ethical business leaders with a global perspective through excellent education. We aim at building a world-class base to develop knowledgeable and employable students, promote socially responsible work-practices and have a positive impact on organizations and society throughout the world. We are equally committed to disseminating pathbreaking knowledge, concepts, and tools which advance the understanding and practice of management.
Through vibrant collaboration, we drive cutting edge learning atmosphere for our students. We inspire new global perspectives that contribute to
and shape a responsible future for both business and society. In our quest for excellence, we encourage examining minds and bold thinking. In an ever-changing world, our students must be ready to embrace challenges, take action, and work across disciplines to see beyond the accepted norms.
EThames welcomes the freshmen! The future starts today!

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