Oorja 2020 – “The energy of sportsmanship lies within.”

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Sportsmanship isn’t just about the game but the leader and the ethics.
Sports and fitness decide a person’s mental and physical ability, EThames Degree College has always been an initiative for such activities and events.
In the modern era, where women are constantly working hard for competing with men and trying to prove their abilities, EThames Degree College provides opportunities for every such individual to have their stake in the organization.
A human capability is often seen through its mental ability to grasp things, its power to imagine and implement objects in the right place. Whereas sports is one of the foremost things where a person’s mental, as well as the physical capability of achieving things is seen.
Sports is something that encourages a person to outshine its shoes into power. Like every institute, sports day is given importance for students to refresh their minds but, EThames Degree College believes in focusing upon every individual capability and gives an opportunity to grow their specific skill and showcase it without any hasten.

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