Principal’s Message

Dr. Anupama.G

Education is all about evolution. It is not only about academic excellence and domain expertise, but also encompasses exemplary tradition of contribution to development of self, society, nation and the mankind at large.
Dr. Anupama.G

EThames College of Business believes in providing supportive and inclusive environment, where students are encouraged to reach their full potential in all aspects of academics and allied areas. At EThames we nurture positive relationships through collaborative learning aimed at providing professional excellence balanced with individual well-being. Our broad curriculum and authentic learning opportunities empowered by a host of learning partnerships ensure an enriching academic sojourn that seek to deepen the knowledge while drawing the individual student out of his/her comfort zone to explore new opportunities and rise to a variety of challenges.

Our students are balanced in their skills, attitude, aptitude and are encouraged to maintain respectful and mutually rewarding relationships with their peers, teachers and broader community. We value our relationship with parents, local businesses and other institutions as well as fellow knowledge communities. Our students, alumni and staff are resilient, creative, disciplined and dedicated to continual learning and strive to be thought leaders in their endeavors.

EThames is proud to be a high performing and responsible institution and aims to be the first choice of aspirants who seek a rewarding learning experience. I welcome you to explore the seamless possibilities of learning, engagement and innovative forays at EThames College of Business…

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