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Why Recruit EThamites?

EThames College, affiliated with Osmania University, stands as a premier institution for management and commerce education in India. We are your trusted partner in shaping globally competitive professionals, offering undergraduate programs in BBA, BCOM (CA), and BCA that are highly sought after by Indian and international corporations.

  • Academic Excellence: Recognized as one of the top emerging colleges, EThames College focuses on enhancing employability skills, preparing students to exceed corporate expectations.
  • Industry-Relevant Training: Our rigorous academic schedules and industrial internships bridge the gap between academia and industry, equipping students with practical skills to confidently tackle complex organizational challenges.
  • Placement Support: EThames’ placement program provides comprehensive career counseling, soft skills training, and industry interactions, ensuring students are well-prepared for placements and future success.
  • Strong Alumni Network: Our accomplished alumni consistently excel in their careers, demonstrating the quality education and guidance provided by EThames College.
  • Industry-Recognized Certifications: EThames College offers specialized certifications in partnership with renowned institutions like Harvard Business Publishing and Coursera, empowering students with vital expertise in finance, marketing, cybersecurity, AI, and data science.

Exceptional Initiatives:

  • UBUNTU Program: Inspired by renowned MNCs, our unique UBUNTU program fosters collaboration, professionalism, and teamwork, preparing students for the demands of the corporate world.
  • EThames HarvardManageMentor Program: Students can acquire prestigious certifications from Harvard Business Publishing, gaining a competitive edge and a strong foundation in essential business skills.
  • Young Professionals Program (YPP): The YPP enhances students' capabilities in analytical skills, critical thinking, personality development, language improvement, and interview skills, ensuring their readiness for success in today's dynamic job market.
  • Guest Sessions and Industrial Visits: Industry-institute interaction is facilitated through enlightening guest sessions and impactful industrial visits, enabling students to gain insights from experts and develop a practical understanding of real-world scenarios.
  • Beyond Boundaries: EThames College students thrive beyond the classroom, engaging in prestigious external events and collaborations with renowned organizations, opening doors to invaluable networking opportunities.

With world-class infrastructure, a cutting-edge curriculum, and a focus on industry-institute interaction, EThames College offers a conducive learning environment where students develop a global perspective and positive attitudes.

Our graduates are equipped with practical skills, industry certifications, and a strong foundation to make valuable contributions to your organization's success. Join us in building a strong industry-institute partnership. For further inquiries and additional information, please contact us at

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